Turkish Contitutitonal Law pdf – Yandex indir

Turkish Contitutitonal Law pdf – Yandex indir

Genaral Concepts,
Turkish Constitutional History
The Constitutional System Of The Republic Of Türkiye
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nohutçu
Part I
Basic Concepts And Government Systems
Part II
Ottoman–Turkish Constitutional Developments
Part III
The 1982 Constitution, General Principles And Basic Characteristics Of The State
Part IV
Fundamental Rights And Duties
Part V
Fundamental Organs Of The Republic: Legislative Power
Part VI
Fundamental Organs Of The Republic: The Executive Power
Part VII
Fundamental Organs Of The Republic: Judicial Power
The Making Of And Amendments To The Constitution
The 1982 Constitution, the fifth constitution of the Ottoman-Turkish state organisation, has undergone a total of 184 amendments in 30 years, the first in 1987 and the last in 2017, with 19 constitutional amendment laws. It is noteworthy that in the 42 years since the adoption of the 1982 Constitution, there has been no stand-alone textbook on constitutional law in English, except for a few chapters on constitutional law in introductory law textbooks.
Turkish Constitutional Law, the first book written in English in this field, has been written to fill the gap in the field, primarily and especially to contribute to the constitutional law courses taught in English in the fields of social and political sciences and humanities, and to address all politicians, lawyers, administrators and all interested parties who wish to learn and understand the Turkish constitutional system, its historical development, current constitutional institutions, mechanisms, provisions and relationships within the framework of the latest legislative amendments.
I would like to express my sincere thanks Dr. Mesut Malik Yavuz, a dear and brilliant colleague of mine, for his constant and patient contribution during the writing and proofreading stages of the book.
I hope that all those who read the book will find it useful.
January 3, 2024; Üsküdar / İstanbul
Professor Ahmet Nohutçu
Istanbul Medeniyet University
Faculty of Political Science
Senior Lecturer

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