Paul Verlaine pdf – Yandex indir

Paul Verlaine pdf – Yandex indir

Far distant from academies and journals, he retai­ned his uniqueness uninterruptedly for many years. He has described in his verses the errant and passionate way of his life with that noble absence of shame which is the first sign of personal emancipation from civilized humanity, in contrast to the primitively natural. Much has been said and written as to whether happiness or unhappiness was the result of the pilgrimage. It is an unimportant and idle question, because “happiness” is only a word, an unfilled cup in strange hands, and an empty tinkling thing. At any rate, life cut more deeply into his flesh than into that of any other poet of our time.

Paul Verlaine isimli 45 sayfadan oluşan kitap ; Stefan Zweig tarafından yazılmış ve PLATANUS PUBLISHING yayınevinin 12.09.2022 tarihinde yayımlanmıştır.

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