Open Heart pdf – Yandex indir

Open Heart pdf – Yandex indir

In his first released work, Eröz is aiming to tell a tear-jerking tale about unrequited love mixed with raw emotions and perfect symphony of melancholy & tenderness. The poet tells the story from various points of view along with touching on several other subjects from life time to time. Along with interconnected poems that complete and add each other in their unique way, the honest, heartfelt and captivating storytelling with author’s quirky and fresh style promises a worthwhile reading experience.

Featuring “Celeste” quartet that tells about deep adoration born from love with an old-school twist, recklessly intimate and hope-driven “Boundless Love” and “Dear”, devotion filled lines of “World in Your Name” and “Vista” with bold highlights “I’ll Still Say Your Beautiful Name”, “Now & Forevermore”, “To Be Free” and “Feet Don’t Touch The Ground” this book is an irresistible pick-up.

Open Heart isimli 58 sayfadan oluşan kitap ; Veysel Eröz tarafından yazılmış ve EY YAYINLARI yayınevinin 08.09.2022 tarihinde yayımlanmıştır.

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