International Students’ Adjustment Challenges pdf – Yandex indir

International Students’ Adjustment Challenges pdf – Yandex indir

Studying as an international student and living in a multicultural environment bring enormous opportunities and learning. A better education, a prestigious life, scholarship options, the option to learn a new language and to know about a different culture undoubtedly make studying abroad an attractive offer. On the other hand, leaving the country where one grew up and getting used to its culture, people, and way of living; is not an easy decision to make. As humans, we need to adjust to the environment that we are part of. When we change our living space, we may realize the new environment has different requirements than what we used to practice or wish to do. To avoid feeling like outsiders, we need to adjust to the new conditions without sacrificing our mental health. In the same way, encountering novel conditions can cause a feeling of disappointment, discouragement, or regret. The truth is, my friends, these are all part of the process, don’t worry!
Based on the research conducted in Türkiye, this book aims to explain that the adjustment process takes time. Facing adjustment issues is an expected and essential part of your lifelong journey.
In this book, international students will find similar experiences they encountered during their journey, and others who think of studying abroad will get an idea about how things work. In addition to international students, this book aims to give more understanding to academicians and concerned authorities dealing with international students and aims to help them improve the experience of international students within Türkiye.

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