Applied Water Resources Engineering pdf – Yandex indir

Applied Water Resources Engineering pdf – Yandex indir

Provision of water resources plays an important role in the development of the socio-economic status of a country. Limited land and fresh water resources are subject to continuous contamination and are to be conserved against increasingly growing demands of various kinds by implementing several structural measures and by developing wise watershed management policies. Environmental impacts of all types of structural and non-structural measures are to be assessed jointly in the long term in order to maintain sustainable development of land and water resources.
There are a limited number of reference books in the worldwide literature in the field of water resources engineering since it is too ambitious to confine various aspects of this field in a single book. Actually, there are many books, which cover only a single, or few chapters of this discipline. In this book, it is intended to present only the fundamental aspects of some important topics of water resources engineering. Descriptive fluid mechanics and the subject matter of hydrology are not covered in the book as the reader is assumed to have basic notions in these areas. Chapters include concise information about the planning, design and construction of water resources systems as well as economical aspects and currently practiced specifications. A number of solved and exercise problems are presented at the end of each chapter in SI units.

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